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Sunday, September 4, 2011

I remember you

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written and performed by
Sungha Jung


Yes, I do:
I remember you, Kel.
How couldn't I ...

Do you remember when I first
shared a video by Sungha with you?

It was on March 26th 2009,
and the video was
which Sungha had posted 6 days earlier.

You watched it, and you liked it.
You were amazed to see
a boy who was five months younger than you
playing the guitar in such masterful ways.

You wrote to me:

it was good. i just dont know much about the gatar.
i wish i could do something good like that.
im realy not good at any thing
exsept getting in troble.
that im a pro at.

Well ...
I guess we all are pros at getting into trouble.
Life can be a tricky ride sometimes.

But still:
You were so much more than that ...

You did amazing things.
You said amazing stuff.

You could be
funny, and also serious ...
goofy, and also wise ...
sad (very often), but you would never give up ...
maybe a little stubborn at times ...
but ever so often, you were
resolute and ready to go any lengths
if you knew and felt
that the cause was worth it:

i'll make it, you'll see!

When you said this sentence,
then it was better to take you for serious.

And every hour of every single day,
you were
caring, and full of love and compassion.

You know,
there are 13 year olds who blow you away
with their gifts and skills.
Like Sungha, with his wonderful music.

And there are also 13 year olds
who blow you away
because they show you
and make you feel
what it means
to be human
... in the best and most precious way.

Like you.

I know this, Kel,

I remember you.




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Truedantalion said...

Thank you for posting this link to one of your videos here. The song fits the mood of the blog, and you do quite a good job there singing and playing the guitar.