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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Just for the fun of it: Truedantalion goes Tumblr!

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Yes, I know ... I think I will need as many arms as the guy in that picture here soon, and probably three extra computers, as the online presence of yours truly has just expanded for yet another site:

I've got a Tumblr account now, too.

Well, to be precise, I've had this thingy for quite a while already, but I never used it. If you check out the first post I made there as an opening piece, you'll get the picture.

When, a while ago tonight, I was checking out a design change that a guy from YouTube I am subscribed to made on his Tumblr, I noticed that I was logged in with my account (praise be to Cookies!), and actually was able to post a comment on his Tumblr then. So I did that, and then went over "to my place". And boy, was that embarrassing!

The place looked ugly and empty. And those were two words too much with a "y" at the end in that sentence - I decided to at least get some first things done there, to make the place look a little bit alive.

Well, mission accomplished with that - I wrote a first text post. Doing so, I even got so far as to already notice something that I extremely disliked with the text editor there, and shazam, I wrote a second post immediately afterwards. Nothing like a little housewarming nag, right?

I guess I will keep up posting there once in a while ... but nothing big - only small bits and pieces, things that don't have enough flesh and bones for a regular blog entry over here.

Well, we'll see. Just wanted to let you know.

Oh, and in case you have a Tumblr yourself, and have nothing better to do: Feel free to click the "Follow" button. I bet you'll be just as surprised about the things that will happen there as me. Because the name I gave my Tumblr is indeed accurate about my plans for it:

"I don't know ..."

Okay, so much for the latest from my end. Blog you soon :-)!



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