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Thursday, September 15, 2011

News from Pottermore: RainKnight137's Sorting and Wand ...

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(((-: I knew it right from the start! :-)))

Yes, yours truly, RainKnight137, is a Hufflepuff. The Sorting Hat had no doubt with that, and why would he?!

Said Hufflepuff:
"I'll teach the lot
and treat them all the same."

I like Helga Hufflepuff's attitude, and this part from The New Song of The Sorting Hat in "Harry Potter and The Order of The Phoenix" made me know all along that Hufflepuff would be my house, should I ever be admitted to Hogwarts.

Guess what? I have, and it has, haha :-)!

And the welcome note held more things I like a lot - I'll highlight them in bold print:

"Our emblem is the badger,
an animal that is often underestimated,
because it lives quietly until attacked,
but which, when provoked,
can fight off animals much larger than itself,
including wolves.

Our house colours are yellow and black,
and our common room lies one floor below the ground,
on the same corridor as the kitchens."

As for the wand that chose me at Ollivander's: Here you go ...

I named him Stan
And I have the feeling that he tends to call me Ollie
... fine by me: Stan and Ollie to the rescue :-)!

In my avatar, you can see that as my pet, I chose a black cat. Well, what else would it be?

Oh, and don't badger me, haha, about having earned zero house points yet ... I've only just started :-)!

So much for now from Pottermore - blog you soon!



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