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Monday, September 12, 2011

RainKnight137 crossed the Gates of Pottermore!

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(-: Yesss!! :-)

Isn't it pretty?
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Since the first week when had started sending out welcome mails to those who had successfully registered as beta testers for Pottermore, the upcoming online reading (and more!) experience for Joanne K. Rowling's Harry Potter saga, I have been checking my e-mail account whenever I read a tweet from Pottermore that they had sent out another batch of mails.

Every time I did so, it was to no avail. Well, I should have checked today, too, because September 12th 2011 indeed is the day when I received mine, haha :-)!

The long expected message lay dormant in my inbox for over an hour, though, before I finally discovered it ... Dang, more than 60 precious minutes lost!

Well, but then, off I went, under the name of RainKnight137, to start exploring the new realm of experiencing Harry Potter, that will open it's gates to the world wide public in October 2011.

The site is not up to it's full contents yet and does not offer all of it's functions (as it's still in beta), but I like a lot how it's built, and what opportunities it offers now already. I especially can't wait to read more background information about the Harry Potter stories ... and obviously, there is A LOT to discover about that!

Oh, one more thing, before I end this blog and zoom back to Pottermore:

Any of my readers out there who also made it as a beta tester, and are on Pottermore now already, send me a friend request - looking forward to meeting you :-) ...

Blog you soon!



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